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As the year approaches the hottest summer months, US families make the most of the hot weather, and flock to the beaches. Childcare accessory brand Freddie and Sebbie provides recommendations on..

( — July 13, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — “So the sun is shining, and you take a trip with your family to the beach,” co-founder of Freddie and Sebbie, Neil Speight opens his child-safety conference with: “You take every preventative measure to protect your kid. You dress them in sun-protective clothes, put on their huge floppy hat and slather them in sun-cream. You put them in their safety seat, and get on the road. 5 minutes down the line, and unexpectedly, your child bursts into tears.”


Speight went on to describe that whilst parents will aim to comfort their youngster, they might not realize that the hot, plastic chair they’re sitting in for the entire trip might well be burning their fragile skin. “It’s so vital to keep your youngster protected, not just from dangerous UV rays, but also hot surfaces,” he continued. “It’s easy to forget that, unless shielded from the sun, surfaces in the car can get too hot to handle.”

“So exactly what’s the very best way to prevent this from happening? Here at Freddie and Sebbie we offer all sorts of car accessories, from rear-facing mirrors, to window shades, but it is our Car Safety Seat Shade that will truly keep your child safe in this circumstance.”


The Car Seat Safety Shade is a specially designed cover to fit over most safety seats, and is proven to deflect UV rays in order to keep safety seats up to 26 degrees cooler than the rest of the vehicle. “With the Freddie and Sebbie seal of approval,” Speight says, “You can guarantee that our items are made from the highest quality materials readily available on the marketplace today, and are built to last.”


The cover comes in a useful pouch for easy storage, and makes use of a drawstring feature to fit comfortably around any safety seat. The item is currently specifically readily available on, and has an average rating of 4.4 stars, out of a possible 5. In one of their latest ratings, Susan Burke stated, “We tried this on our baby safety seat in Arizona – 100 degrees outside, so who knows what it was in the car. Genuinely a wonderful thing to have to prevent any accidental burns!”, whilst Amazon user, LoveForTheProse commented, “No hot buckles! No hot seat! It’s terrific! Where I live it reaches 115 degrees so it certainly works in hot environments!”


Speight closed his child-safety press conference by stating, “My business-partner and I are dads ourselves, and child safety is our outright priority. We can’t stress how important it is for moms and dads to keep an eye out for their little one’s sensitive skin over these coming months!” More info about the childcare accessories offered by Freddie and Sebbie, is available on their website,


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