Toy Hammock: Toy Sales Go Up As Children’s Room Sizes Get Smaller

It has been reported that Disney toys has profited majorly from sale of franchises toys like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, and ‘Iron Man’. Ten years after being sold and six years after Disney bought them back, the 336 retailers have managed a complete turn around making its consumer products division amongst the fastest-growing of the media company’s 5 sections. In the quarter that ended in June, the products made $273 million, a 25 % increase from a year earlier. It was the unit’s fourth successive quarter of double-digit revenues growth, Iger stated when the company announced its results on Tuesday.



As retail gigantic Walmart makes big moves to fight back against less costly online toy stores, Amazon have actually reported a steady increase in all kids toys and accessory departments. One Nevada based Amazon store owner Mr Neil Speight, co owner of Children Line Company “Freddie and Sebbie” says that as a dad of 4 he well comprehends the boost in the sale of toys, despite the fact that his business doesn’t actually sell toys. He described how he had actually been overwhelmed with requests to help handle the storage problem for the huge amount of games and toys kids were now being purchased by today’s moms and dads.


Neil then went on to state… “Our company is devoted to producing children accessories to assist moms and dads keep their houses and vehicles clean and tidy at all times. We received a number of e-mails from existing consumers who were complaining about how the room was simply too small to store the amount of video games and toys kids have today. So I put our creative group to work, who recently produced the “Luxury Jumbo Toy Hammock Storage Organizer.”


Neil says that he was so stunned at the preliminary product testimonials, as people had created our ways to put the big hammock to good use. Dianne Socci Tetro states … “When I was first asked to test and review this accessory, I understood that this accessory did have other uses. A great deal of other uses! My major use is another way for me to store my purses… yes I sort of collect handbags and I am running out of closet space.


This product is perfect for me. I no longer have to use a step ladder to find one of my purses. I just look to the corner where they are all sitting in this pretty hammock. Need floor area in your babies room but you also require a hamper … this works perfectly because it holds 20lbs, perfect for infant and kids clothes. It frees up the floor area. If you keep your potatoes and onions in your cellar – this is a fantastic way to keep them dry with the air in circulation… Just don’t put too many in the hammock at one time.”


“Great for toys and even more” is exactly what another Amazon validated purchaser had to state, followed by… “This is a cool concept of making storage space from thin air, literally! The hammock is a neat principle and it looks just perfect. We have actually been using it to store toys for our youngsters, but I am now thinking I could use it for other things too. Of course, the stuff you put in it has to be light in weight due to the fact that the hammock can only bear so much load. But light accessorys will go in great. In the meantime, we are keeping toys that the youngsters really want for quick access to have fun with. Doesn’t appear like a storage item at all. A+”.


Mr Speight concluded by saying that he was pleased with the increase of overall Amazon sales, and that Freddie and Sebbie only sold their children products on Amazon because of their particular trust bond with entrepreneur and consumer alike. He stated…


“Concerning our own individual success with the accessory I’ve discussed today, I’d say we’re on a real winner, and for anybody looking to get rid of clutter, like packed toy animals or soft toys then this extra large toy hammock net is the perfect option. It has actually been designed in white so it goes perfectly in any baby room, kids or girls bed room. and is extremely easy to install, expanding to 72 x 48 x 48 inches, and also comes with a life time guarantee.”.


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