What to do when your toddler soaks through the diaper every night



It was the same thing every night for six months straight. Starting when he was about 18 months old, Melissa Rose’s son Calder would wake up with a leaky diaper and pee-soaked pyjamas. This meant many, many middle-of-the-night pyjama and sheet changes. “It was a difficult time, sleep-wise,” she says, ruefully.

As toddlers get older and sleep for longer stretches at night, their diapers naturally have to hold more liquid. Going up a diaper size to accommodate a kid’s changing weight and body shape usually does the trick to stop the leaks, which is what worked for Kim Latimer when her son Jack was waking up with wet PJ waistbands at around 18 months old. Her friend took things a step further: “She actually doubles up on diapers, and cuts a slit in the outside of the first one so that the overflow can soak into the second one, but we didn’t have to go that far,” she says.

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