Why Young Children Ought To Be Seated In Rear-Facing Safety Seats

We need to go back to a 2007 research study released in the journal “Injury Prevention,” which found that youngsters under two were 75% less likely to pass away or become significantly injured in a crash if they were seated in a rear-facing security seat. At the time a leading United States pediatric doctor said that rear-facing child security seats did a much better job of supporting the head, neck and spine of infants and young kids during a crash, as they distributed the force of the crash over the whole body.



But today the truth is that moms and dads seem to have forgotten all of that good advice seeing forward-facing as the much easier alternative. Why not, it s so much simpler to connect with a kid while facing forward, and much less uncomfortable to reach for in the seat. But should not safety be moms and dad’s main concern? Shouldn’t they first think about a child’s total safety over their own comfort?


I put those questions to Mr Neil Speight, co-founder of Nevada based business “Freddie and Sebbie.” Who responded… “By law it is minimally acceptable to switch over the security seat to a forward-facing position at a year old, however I really think moms and dads can do much better than that, as security really must be their major concern when it comes to their kids. Regarding comfort, I can quite understand how parents feel about a need for the closet contact possible with their babies, even when driving, so having the ability to see them through the motorist’s mirror would be a soothing perk.”


He went on to explain how he found a solution that would permit moms and dads to have visual contact when required for infants sat in a rear-facing safety seat… “I recognized that by placing a mirror facing my infant twins called Freddie and Sebbie, that I would be able to see them with the motorist’s mirror properly placed. After a brief conversation with my design team manager, (the business) Freddie and Sebbie created a large size 360-degree adjustable infant car mirror, which rotates and pivots to find the best view of a rear-facing infant or young child.”


Mr Speight stated how much he believed in keeping youngsters in a rear-facing seat for as long as possible, and how he hoped that his company’s new product would assist parents to make the right decision, if anything else, for their own children’s security. He had this extra advice for moms and dads… “First, all moms and dads need to think about changing their youngster back to rear-facing if they aren’t already. As far as the security seat is concerned, simply ensure it’s fixed firmly to the automobile. Also be sure the harness is snugly secured over the child and that the chest clip is placed correctly, and finally check that either the seat belt or latch system are correctly installed.”


So once again “Freddie and Sebbie” have come to parents rescue, when requiring practical solutions for their babies and young children. Neil finished off by stating… “I believe the back seat mirror to be the ideal solution for those parents who are stressed when they can not see their infant while driving.” The Freddie and Sebbie backseat mirror is only sold on Amazon.


The full specifications for their deluxe back seat mirror can be seen here: http://www.amazon.com/Back-Seat-Mirror-Concentrate-Rear-Facing/dp/B00NIU69SQ/






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